Thursday, October 27, 2011

Educational Tools : Smartkiddies

I think using smartkiddies would be a very helpful tool for any age. This tool gives creative math and other educational problems to help everyone learn. They can help children with music, art, health, safety, literacy, science, mastering numeracy and also language and culture. There are pros and cons to almost everything. In this case I think the pros would be that they teach children in creative ways. As a result of them being creative the students would most likely not be bored and there would be things that would stand out to them that would make it easy for them to remember. Some cons woud be not all students may be interested in the same creative opportunities that this smartkiddies provides. It may benefit some kids and not interest other students at all. In my classroom I would use this tool to create worksheets for the students to do. I would have the ststudents do these worksheets in a group so they are interacting with other students. I would also give the students a opportunity to create their own worksheet using this website. Creating their own assesment can also be a great way of learning. Using this website I may also create creative fun quizes to keep the children focused and interested.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This video expresses the importance of a classroom and also shares some interesting statistics. It also shows ways that our classrooms have changed over the years. Today we use a lot of technology and also different ways of teaching which also give us greater opportunities.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Issues in Education

I would have to say one major issue in education would be the debate on whether or not to put kids with intellectual disabilities in a classroom with general education learners. When I become a teacher I would love to be a preschool teacher in an inclusive classroom. I think kids with disabilities should be exposed to kids in a general education classroom at a young age. In a inclusive classroom all kids would be affected, but I believe they would be affected in a good way. They will all learn to communicate with one another . People are concerned that the children with intellectual disabilities will hold general education kids back, but I disagree. I think preschoolers should learn how to interact with different people and know that everyone is different in their own way. As a teacher I would make sure the general education children would learn what they need to know and I would work seperatly with the children with dissabilities. I would also create activites that they all could do as a class. I will also learn ways to adjust my classroom so that all children can benefit from it and learn everything they need to know. As a result of wanting to make my classroom as diverse as possible I do have a few questions:

What are some things I can do to accomidate children with different culture backrounds?

What should a child with a learning disability know by time they finish preschool?

What kind of equiptment will a child with a physical disability in my classroom need?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Activities in Class

We have done a lot of activities in this classroom so far this semester. One activity that really interested me was creating a essay on google doc. I think it was a great idea to do a group activity that didnt consist of all group members to be together. We were able to do things at our own pase but still contribute to our group assignment.

Activity in class

The group activity in class was a lot easier than what I thought. I thought it was going to be hard to work in a group when we are not together, but using a document on google made it easy.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

About me

Hello. My name is Kelsey Christene Bone. I hope to become a preschool teacher in a inclusive classroom. I hope to be able to help all children, even children with dissabilities. I want my classroom to be filled with fun ways of learning. I want the students in my classroom to be able to decorate the walls with their own artwork that they can be proud of. I also want my kids to feel supposted by me as a teacher and also know that they can come to me for anything. I hope that by reading this blog people see that I am a very caring person and I am going to strive to  be the best teacher I can be.