Thursday, October 27, 2011

Educational Tools : Smartkiddies

I think using smartkiddies would be a very helpful tool for any age. This tool gives creative math and other educational problems to help everyone learn. They can help children with music, art, health, safety, literacy, science, mastering numeracy and also language and culture. There are pros and cons to almost everything. In this case I think the pros would be that they teach children in creative ways. As a result of them being creative the students would most likely not be bored and there would be things that would stand out to them that would make it easy for them to remember. Some cons woud be not all students may be interested in the same creative opportunities that this smartkiddies provides. It may benefit some kids and not interest other students at all. In my classroom I would use this tool to create worksheets for the students to do. I would have the ststudents do these worksheets in a group so they are interacting with other students. I would also give the students a opportunity to create their own worksheet using this website. Creating their own assesment can also be a great way of learning. Using this website I may also create creative fun quizes to keep the children focused and interested.


  1. Is there a video? I would like to look into this. This tool sounds interesting.

  2. This does sound really interesting! I think this would be a great tool for a lot of different ages.