Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tools Helpful in a Classroom

Today in class I loved learning about Wordle. I think it would be a very handy tool for a classroom of young children. I would use it as a review for a story or a book we read. Some storys may have a lot of information for a child to retain so using Wordle would be a great review so that the students could see the key words that were most important in the passage. I also really liked the link where you can make books and also buy what you have created. I think it is a great thing that a child can create their own idea of a book and share it with family and friends. I think this would be very helpful when trying to find a book for a specific topic, instead of trying to find a book you can create your own. I also think the bulletin program would be helpful to keep the kids interested instead of constantly using powerpoints.


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  1. Wow Wordle sounds really cool! I'm interested in learning more about it.