Friday, October 7, 2011

Issues in Education

I would have to say one major issue in education would be the debate on whether or not to put kids with intellectual disabilities in a classroom with general education learners. When I become a teacher I would love to be a preschool teacher in an inclusive classroom. I think kids with disabilities should be exposed to kids in a general education classroom at a young age. In a inclusive classroom all kids would be affected, but I believe they would be affected in a good way. They will all learn to communicate with one another . People are concerned that the children with intellectual disabilities will hold general education kids back, but I disagree. I think preschoolers should learn how to interact with different people and know that everyone is different in their own way. As a teacher I would make sure the general education children would learn what they need to know and I would work seperatly with the children with dissabilities. I would also create activites that they all could do as a class. I will also learn ways to adjust my classroom so that all children can benefit from it and learn everything they need to know. As a result of wanting to make my classroom as diverse as possible I do have a few questions:

What are some things I can do to accomidate children with different culture backrounds?

What should a child with a learning disability know by time they finish preschool?

What kind of equiptment will a child with a physical disability in my classroom need?


  1. What are some things I can do to accommodate children with different culture backgrounds? Look under the heading of General strategies

    What should a child with a learning disability know by time they finish preschool? Everything they are required to know just like the other children, and coping strategies or adaptations to manage and be successful in their learning environment.

    What kind of equiptment will a child with a physical disability in my classroom need?

  2. Diversity in a classroom setting is always a huge debate. This was a topic in my multiculturalism class, and there are many techniques that an educator can use to benefit such children. I think the key is research on this topic because we all know that teaching is an ongoing process of learning. As our world grows more diverse each day, a teacher must continue to change the educational environment. No two students are the same, so a classroom should try to provide for each individual as best as possible.

  3. Kayla, I agree with you. In many of my classes we dicussed this as a huge debate. I think this student be a huge debate, but it is. Every child is born different. Students with a disablities you should just pay more attention. Looking at them different thats judging a cover by it's book. Kelsey, I agree that other students should be around them at a young age. Preschool is a great start. As of the equipment and what they should know is all in the hands of you. They should taught all of the requirements that being asked to do.

  4. I think having an inclusive classroom is a good idea as long as the teacher knows how to make sure every student is going at the pace they need to. I can see where some people think it is better to have special needs children in a seperate classroom, only because they learn at a slower pace, in most cases, than other children. If the teacher is able to do activities that are appropriate for every child and go at an appropriate pace for every child then inclusive classrooms are a great idea. I think children should not be separated because they are "different" as long as it is not going to prevent children from learning or frustrate them.